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My laptop is...... 

Hello!! I cant write Japanese today, too. So I write in English...

Something is wrong with my laptop and I cant use internet with my laptop.

Thats why I havent written my blog for a long time.

Today I called FUJITSU cuntomer service center and asked what i can do, but I found that what i can do is only to renew my windows... my god.....

But my recovery disc is in Japan, so I have to wait untill my brother will send it to me. Im in such a terrible stuation now. I cant read Japanese in most of the internet cafe in Cologne and ofcourse i cant write Japanese. and what is wourse, there are less internet cafe in Linz, where im gonna live from August.

So, when u send e-mails to me, or write a coment on my blog, please write in English or in ro-maji. Sorry for inconvinience.

Its so difficult to dissolve problems with computers. I have to call to Japan but there is a time difference and so I had to skip school today, and calling to Japan is expensive. Moreover, my computer is in japanese so only Japanese, who have good knowledge of computers can help me.....

I hope my computer will be fine soon.

c u soon

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